Waffle Wednesday!

Waffle Wednesday!

One of my favorite things to do is make waffles.

A few years ago, while I had a cottage bakery called Sweet Margie’s, I decided to make a Black Forrest cake out of chocolate waffles- I thought it would help keep the cherry filling in place. I was right!

If you would like a completely from scratch version, let me know and I will email it later.

Otherwise Here is a simplified recipe for anyone who would like to try it.

• Chocolate cake mix. Use a bit less water than package says- you want it to be a tad thicker, like waffle batter.
• Cherry pie filling.
• Fudge frosting.

Make as many waffles or pancakes as you can with the mix. I use a Belgian waffle maker. If making pancakes you will want to stack them in 2 or 3 for your ‘cake layers’.

(Note pancakes don’t have the added effect of keeping the cherries in place when you cut into it, so you will want to pipe some fudge frosting around the perimeter of the pancake layers to make a dam for the cherries.)

Layer the cooled waffles/pancakes with the cherry pie filling, making sure there is at least one cherry in each waffle nook.

Frost with fudge frosting.

The accompanying pictures are of my from scratch version, which I used bourbon infused dark sweet cherries for the filling and is topped with fudge buttercream and chocolate ganache. Decorated with fresh vanilla bean whipped cream and maraschino cherries. 🙂